Recently I've started working on a niche marketing project for fun and profit.

 I wasn't planning on shooting a video on niche marketing but my friends Jamie and Larry had some other Ideas. But it was the least I could do after the help had given me.

 I was lucky enough to hook up with Jamie and Larry to get some advice and suggestions on niche marketing. After about a hour and half I came away with a ton of ideas and things I needed to work on.

 Some of the advice they gave me in niche marketing was stuff I'm currently working on with my Nerdarchy team. But there was a lot of material I've never even thought of incorporating.

Here's a pic from our mastermind session the info we went over works for any kind of Niche Marketing. I won't go into any details here. But there are plenty of clues and golden nuggets in the image above.

Developing Different Niches Online

Vlog Challenge Day 73

Today's addition to our 90 day vlog challenge

It's only through weathering the storm that we get to enjoy the next horizon. Someone once said to me " What you are going through right now, will it matter in a year today?" Just wanted to share this powerful message from my good friend and mentor.

Daily Motivation Blog - Weathering The Storm

The reason for these daily motivation blog post is to encourage you to take action on your life.

I've been marketing on the internet along time. There has been many occassions when I felt like giving up.

The real secret to success is having the ability to perserve through the hard times, to keep fighting for what you believe in.

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” 
Maya Angelou


Could Empower Network Be Your Family Owned Business? As you can see from the video done by my friends daughter it absolutely can. I've also used photos and videos with my family. I personally consider it a family owned business because it effects us all. Plus I like my kids to understand there a lot of paths they can take in life. Explore your own new path and possibly a your own family owned business by clicking one of the banners.

Warning You May Find Yourself Laughing Hysterically After Watching This ( I KNOW I Did!)

Here is the backstory. My daughter wanted me to buy her some donutes. I said what I think a lot of parents say.

I was like what do you think money grows on trees?

..She said something along the lines of

Soooo, if I can help you make more more money you will get me donutes.

I said sure!

So she then proceeded to grab my Iphone and run out the door and this is the video that came out.



My friend did a great blog post on poverty mindset you should check it out. He's always bringing the value. We build wealth in our minds first before it can manifest itself in our lives.

The Poverty Mindset Cure Revealed

Today I am playing catch up a little bit. I just got done writing a post on poverty mindset at one of my other blogs.

I figured I would re-purpose the idea for this blog aswell. 


The other day I was helping a friend move into her new apartment and while I was helping her I had the pleasure of listening to one of my friends talk about his problems.

In that moment I realized there are lots of people in the world who suffer from poverty mindset. It's almost like a virus that is spreading across the world infecting anyone in it's path.

Long story short we did a video about how to break free from poverty mindset mentality. 


I Used To Dread Wordpress Updates To My Personal Blog but not any more. Since the release of Empower Networks Blog Beast those fears are a thing of the past. Everything in Empower Network's blogging platform is point and click simple. Unlike Wordpress were you better start learning HTML. Want to learn a better way just click on one of the banners for more info.

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